What We Do

Essex Marketing Services – What We Do

OK, so what is it we do here at Essex Marketing Labs? Quite simply, we allow you to dominate your local area by appearing in the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) so you can capture more customers that are looking for your services online.

About a 3rd of all online searches now contain a local reference (such as plumber in Essex) – which means thousands of people a month are searching for local services online via their computers and their phones. Are you present?

What’s more, these searchers are seeking your store to visit, or your service to order. Imagine how many customers you have missed out on to your competitors because you don’t have a presence online. Can you afford to miss out of them much longer?

How do we do it?

I have over 8 years of online experience and I’ve seen the trends in the online marketing space and have been at the cutting edge of implementation throughout this time. I have achieved outstanding results for clients both past and present.

I have assembled an outstanding team that work on improving your online presence by giving the search engines what they want. Quite simply, we know what the search engines use to choose the sites that rank – no tricks – no gimmicks – we work by the book when it comes to promoting you online.

By using the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, and Social Media platforms, we build your brand presence online and allow you to dominate your local market.

Take potential customers away from your competitors by outranking them when people search for your products or services.

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