Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Did You Know?

Google alone facilitates over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Within those results are of course those adverts you see along the top and down the side of the page that advertisers pay the search engines every time someone clicks on them.

It’s a fantastic model to get your brand appearing in front of your potential customers in very little time. An ad campaign can be up and running in about 15 minutes, and you could be getting new visitors straight away.

Now whilst the above is possible, many businesses fail to see the return of such campaigns and believe it to be too costly. That’s simply down to the lack of time and resource to manage the campaigns effectively and continually optimise them to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

You guessed it. That’s where we come in.

We can manage your campaigns effectively keeping you on budget and giving you maximum exposure, leaving you to concentrate on handling those new customers.

We have management packages to suit all types of budget spends per month, so check out the pricing below and get in touch over on the right hand side.

  • PPC Starter (£0-350 monthly ad spend)

  • £197 per month
  • No Set up Fee
  • Keyword research up to 300 keywords
  • Budget Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • And more
  • PPC Expansive (£700-1,000 monthly ad spend)

  • £697 per month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Keyword research up to 750 keywords
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Bid Management
  • Budget Management
  • Appear on the Display Network
  • Click Fraud Analysis and Support
  • Search Query Report Analysis
  • Traffic Statistics Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting
  • And More