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My name is John Hutson.

I’ve always had a passion for online marketing. Ever since I was online at home in 1997, I just knew there was something special about the Internet.

Whilst studying Multimedia Technology at Essex University, I was teaching myself online marketing in the little spare time I had. After graduating in 2003 I kept on with this extra education, and have since found myself performing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for some of the biggest brands out there with amazing results.

However, there was something missing. I would be driving around Rayleigh, Southend, Basildon and other places, constantly seeing the small businesses, their vans driving around – most without even a web address advertised – thinking I could help them with their online marketing.

Many small businesses don’t have the time or expertise to carry out their own marketing online so choose to just use the “traditional” methods they’ve always used.

You notice your costs going up, and your returns shrinking, it’s becoming harder and harder to gain customers. That’s simply because your new and existing customers choose to search online. I have vast experience in tapping into the areas where people are looking for you.

That’s why I decided to set up Essex Marketing Labs – to help small businesses flourish by not only getting them an  online presence but dominating their local market. This is an exciting time for small businesses in Essex – because I’m about to bring you more visitors and leads to grow your business.

Come join Essex Marketing Labs and dominate your competition…

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